7 comments on “EPISODE 64: Denji Anime!

  1. Long time no see Mike. Nice show. Needs more metal though. How’s that Bueno guy doin’? I bet he’s somwhere eatin’ way too much chicken, getting drunk, and then puking all that shit out in front of all his friends.

    Hero work is tough out here, but I’m gettin’ by. A lot of dipshit poseurs are comin’ out of the woodwork and stealing all the spotlights cause they got them pretty faces. And the girls are all eatin’ it up like fuckin’ cheesecake.

    But yeah, whatever. Nice show and have a holly jolly new year an’ all that shit..

    -Dan Kazama-

  2. Great episode. After all this time though, can’t you debrief us fans on what happened? Something must of caused this to irrupt like it did. Was it the half told Terminator incident?

    Till the next~
    Dred Lily ^w^V

  3. Mike-senpai! Come back to me Mike-senpai! Don’t you know I adore you? That, and I’ve listened to the backlog of R5 episodes, so I’m back to waiting for updates…

    I came onto the page and my heart skipped a beat. Finally! Finally my senpai has updated his podcast, and I can listen to his melodious voice once more. But you only come on to break my heart with the news that you will be unable to do so for most of this year…whatever shall I do?

    Guess its back to the archives for me…

    • You actually WANT to listen to the first two years and some change? You are truly a braver person than I… O_O

      In all seriousness though, all I’m going to say is that just because the podcast is on hiatus, that doesn’t mean that the R-Vanguard’s exploits aren’t. Just saying to stay tuned for the chance of things happening outside the realm of sound…..

  4. hey r5 crew been listening for a long time now and love the show. the music segments, the reviews, hell i love the skits you did on the show. hey keep it up crew love listing you guys at work.

    i’ll keep my eyes out for series 6 2011 .

    from Seoul, South Korea
    J T

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