EPISODE 48: Crimson Christmas

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This Week:
In the homestretch to Episode 50 and to celebrate the holidays, Mike has cooked up a collection of Christmas tunes. Featuring Japanese Christmas classics, both past and present, this mixtape should make for some pleasant ambiance as you tear into those presents on Christmas Morning.

-The name of the mixtape comes from the special card that came with the DX Faiz Blaster toy.

Merry CrimSmash!

I still want an Adult Faiz Driver damnit -_-

-Additionally, yes that is an actual command code used on the toy itself that you hear in the beginning. By pressing “1-2-2-5”, you activate the MERRY CHRISTMAS jingle. To top that off, after pressing “2-0-0-4”, you get a special HAPPY NEW YEAR chime.

1.) Intro – Gun Form
2.) Clip: 1-2-2-5
3.) Luv (sic.) pt 3 feat. Shing02 – Nujabes
4.) Clip: Guzen Radio‘s Christmas Picks (From Series 1, Episode 12)
5.) White Light – Namie Amuro
6.) Hitori no Merry Christmas – Asia Engineer
7.) 12 Gatsu 17 Hi – Crazy Ken Band
8.) POP STAR X fake star (MASH UP) – Ken Hirai
9.) Clip: Monkee’s Mistletoe (From The Monkees’ Christmas Special)
10.) Chocolate – Tegomasu
11.) Yakusoku no Kakera – w-inds.
12.) Arigatou no Uta – V6
13.) Royal Chocolate Flush – MISIA
14.) Konayuki – Remioromen
15.) Kimi no Kiseki – SOULHEAD
17.) Clip: Guzen Echoes (From Series 1, Episode 12)
18.) White Love – SPEED
19.) Hurry X’mas – L’arc~en~Ciel

**The use of these songs is solely for promotional purposes with no intent to infringe upon any copyrights whatsoever. The songs are the property of their respective record labels and artists.

And for the love of god, if you really like what you hear, get off your ass and buy these singles/albums!

Merry Christmas ^_^


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