Episode Guide

For your convenience, here’s a complete episode guide of all the episodes of the show to date. Because of issues with out old host, we’re trying to salvage the older shows.  Bear with us as we’re going to try to get complete zipped archives of our shows…hopefully soon.

LASER ERA (2005-2009)

August~December 2005

01: Wizard World 05
Our first ever episode! Mike travels to Wizard World 05 where he encounters MC Chris followers, disses Gen Con booth employees, and meets Bob and Emily DeJesus on accident! Also, the first ever Cosplay Top 5.

02: Variety Hour
A random assortment of sketches and shorts. Because Mike [was] a man of his word.

03: Last of the Summer Wine
04: Wild Card
05: Mini
06: Freestylin’

07: Mystery Fanfilm Theater 3000
Mike invites three local friends to a fanfilm riff-fest, which, unfortunately, is barely audible due to the microphone being RIGHT NEXT TO THE SPEAKERS.

08: Countdown to Reactor ’05
Nuff said, really.

09: Reactor 2005: Part 1 – Arrival! The Hot-Blooded Opening Ceremony
10: Reactor 2005: Part 2 – Party Night! And The Winner Is….
11: Reactor 2005: Part 3 – Farewell, The Memories of That Time

Our first ever proper audio coverage at Reactor 2005! Includes Cosplay Top 5 and other oddities. (Warning: The second episode is three hours long. Because I apparently didn’t know how to properly edit for time back then.) Also sprinkled in are special recommends by John “Ryuusei” Cassidy.

12: Christmas Spectacular
The show gets taken over by Daleks. No, really, Daleks from Doctor Who take over the studio. Oh and there are some Doctor Who radio plays in between the chaos.

January~December 2006

14: Comeback
15: Burning Love
16: Anything Goes
17: Year of Heroes Special – Part 1
18: Prelude to Chaos

19: Dramatic ACen Trilogy Part 1: Set Into Motion! MIKE! Beware the Rabid Fangirl Army!
20: Dramatic ACen Trilogy Part 2: Rage! The Stolen Saturday Night*
21: Dramatic ACen Trilogy Part 3: Mellow Out! Light Is The Beautiful Finale
Better known as the Dramatic ACEN Trilogy, these three episodes documented the ups and downs faced by our intrepid host at Anime Central 2006: A fumbled fan-panel, screaming fangirls, and the Great Freakin’ Suite Heist of 2006. However, there are some awesome bits if you don’t mind the rambling–a short chat with Japanese girl band TsuShiMaMiRe, Mike singing (twice), 3 AM Rambling….yeah, your mileage will vary.

22: Flashback 2005
23: Revival! The Return of the Classics
24: Happy Birthday, Noriko!
25: Clash of the Yo-Yos! The Return of Saki Asamiya
26: Alcohol is the Pulse of the Stars*
27: Remembering Odessa
28: Gamers Rage! The Message Stained By The Tears of Love
30: Year of Heroes – Part 2*

January~December 2007

32: Third Verse, Same as the First

33: Climax Jump
FEATURE: Kamen Rider Kabuto Finale thoughts w/ Mike, Will, and Daryl Surat from AWO, First thoughts on Kamen Rider Den-O

34: The Show That Rose From The Blizzard
35: Insert 300 Joke Here

36: A promise transcending time*
Climax of the Kingdom Arc

37: Fall*
38: Beyond The Time*
Finale of the Kingdom Arc

39: Epic ACEN Trilogy – Part 1: ACEN In Flames!? The Ultimate Afro Appears!!*
FEATURE: Part 1 of the Anime Central 2007 Coverage

39.5: Epic ACEN Trilogy Bonus: An Evening In The MAD House
FEATURE: Madhouse Studios Panel

40: Epic ACEN Trilogy – Part 2: *
FEATURE: Part 2 of the Anime Central 2007 Coverage

40.5: Epic ACEN Trilogy Bonus: Spiral Spiders*
FEATURE: Spiral Spiders Press Junket

40.5.2: Epic ACEN Trilogy Gaiden – At The Stroke of Midnight! The True Decisive Battle
The start of the Zodiac Arc and the first appearance of Sylene.

41: Epic ACEN Trilogy – Part 3: I Believe In Happy Endings! THIS Is Great Justice!*
FEATURE: Part 3 of the Anime Central 2007 Coverage

42: Otakon Graffiti 1.0: “Industry”*
FEATURES: News Recap, Interview w/ Tomokazu Seki

42.5: Otakon Graffiti Bonus 1 – The Ryuhei Kitamura Q&A*
FEATURE: Audio from Ryuhei Kitamura Q and A Panel at Otakon 2007

43: Otakon Graffiti 2.0: “Sound”*
FEATURES: Interviews w/ Geist and AAA (Attack All-Around), and Top 5 Cosplayer List for Otakon 2007

43.5: Otakon Graffiti Bonus 2 – Podcaster Roundtable
FEATURE: Audio from Podcaster’s Roundtable at Otakon 2007

44: Second Rush, Summer’s End*
FEATURE: Wizard World 2007 Coverage

45.5: The eyes that shatter memories
Second episode in the Zodiac Arc.

45: Don’t Call It A Rebuild*
FEATURE: Review of Space Runaway Ideon

46: Seeing Red – Power Morphicon Memorial*
FEATURES: Interview w/ Austin St. John and Steve Cardenas (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Power Morphicon Recap

46.5: In Memorial
Mike and Carlos say farewell to the late, great Aladdin’s Castle arcade.

47: The Wisconsin J-Horror Massacre*
FEATURES: Devliman overview, Audio Grindhouse ’07, 8 J-Horror Films To Die For

48: Crimson Christmas*
The first ever Christmas Mixtape

49: View From An Ultra Eye*
FEATURES: Look at Toei’s Tokusatsu THE MOVIE DVD Box Set, “Challenger from the Year 2007: Ultraseven VS Ultraseven X” Feature w/ Mike.

March~October 2008

49.5: Prelude to 50*
In which Cardcaptor Will gets plastered before entering the Midwest Fur Fest.

50a: Final Action 1.0 – All My Love To Long Ago*
FEATURE: Sukeban Deka: Codename Asamiya Saki Review w/ Ninja Consultant

50b: Final Action 1.5 – The Best of Times*
FEATURE: Best of 2007 List w/ Mike and Mai

50c: Final Action 2.0 – Break The Tracks*
FEATURES: Kamen Rider Den-O Wrapup and Initial thoughts of Kamen Rider Kiva w/ Mike and Sylene

ANNIVERSARY GAIDEN: Open Your Eyes For The Next
Set during Final Action 1.5 and 2.0, Mike comes face to face with himself from the future! Check out the Story Arc Wiki for a full summary.

50.5: SMILE!
Mike does the Nico Nico Douga Medley. Be afraid.

51: Alive A Knight
FEATURES: Kirinji Spotlight + Kamen Rider Dragon Knight Wrap Party Interviews

Remnants of what was thought to have been the last ever ACen coverage for the podcast, due to Mike’s original plan to move out East by the end of the year. Unfortunately, the basement got flooded so this might as well have been called “ACEN The Final Chapter” to add to the joke of it all…

52.5: Fighting Spirit*
FEATURE: Interview with Jason David Frank (Tommy), Steve Cardenas (Rocky), Karan Ashley (Aisha), and Robert Axelrod (Voice of Lord Zedd) from “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers”

53a: A Chat Behind The Mask: The Mark Musashi Interview (Part 1)*
53b: A Chat Behind The Mask: The Mark Musashi Interview (Part 2)
FEATURE: Interview with Mark Musashi (Cutie Honey THE LIVE, GARO, Kamen Rider THE FIRST)

54: Showdown at the House of Gooberzilla*
FEATURE: Machine Girl review w/ Mike and Paul Chapman from The Greatest Movie Ever! Podcast

55: Otakon Graffiti ’08*
FEATURES: Interview with Kappei Yamaguchi (voice actor in Giant Robo, One Piece, Death Note), First impressions of Tokyo Gore Police and Casshern SINS, Cosplay Top 5, and other oddities.
(Has yet to be uploaded due to the technical difficulties plaguing this particular year.)

55.1: Otakon Graffiti ’08 – Skill My Heart*
FEATURE: JAM Project Press Junket

55.2: Otakon Graffiti ’08 – Dandelion Grace*
FEATURE: DaizyStripper/MarBell Panel Highlight Mixtape

February~December 2009

56: Coming Back – An Interview With Utada*
FEATURE: Interview w/ Hikaru Utada

57: “That Dragonball Episode”*
FEATURES: Guest-starring Daizenshuu EX – Dragonball Overview, Evolution thoughts, Five Dragonball Movies That DON’T Suck

58: Burn Up! Double Dynamic Impact*
FEATURES: Kotetsushin Jeeg Discussion w/ Mike and John-Paul from fightbait anime and game podcast, R5 Picks The Top 5 Soul of Chogokin Toys, and Shin Mazinger: A Defense

59: Operation: SGC!*
FEATURE: ScrewAttack Gaming Convention 2009 Coverage

60: The Man Who Came From Hong Kong!
FEATURE: Interview and Discussion of The Five Deadly Venoms w/ Bey Logan

61: Roar! New Age of Monsters
FEATURES: Review of Negadon: The Monster From Mars w/ Ai, New Age of Monsters Spotlight w/ Sylene, Interview with Sven from Team Gualagon

62: Solution D
FEATURE: Lite Episode – Review of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust w/ Mike and Ai

63: Ultra Symphony No. 1
FEATURE: Interview w/ Mega-Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends Composer, Mike Verta

64: Denji Anime
FEATURE: Kikaider The Animation Discussion with Paul “Igadevil” Sullivan


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